Usb Power Bank Cufton - Red / White

Product No.: AP741935-05
Colors: Red / White
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Complete pricelist for: Red / White
1+ $ 17.91
1000+ $ 17.32
2500+ $ 16.79
5000+ $ 16.27
Availability for : Red / White
Minimal purchase limit is $ 61.00.


Aluminium power bank with 4000 mAh battery and 1 LED flashlight. Including micro USB charger cable.


Aluminium / Plastic
4000mAh mAh
Country Of Origin:
Tariff Number:
41.00 mm
95.00 mm
23.00 mm
Netto Weight:
154.00 g
Carton Width:
28.50 cm
Carton Height:
38.00 cm
Carton Length:
49.50 cm
Carton Gross Weight:
16.50 kg
Carton Netto Weight:
15.40 kg
Carton Volume:
0.05 m3
Carton Items:
100 pcs
Inner Carton Item Count:
50 pcs
Batteries Rechargable:


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