USB Hubs

Brick 4-port USB hub

Brick 4-port USB hub - Red
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Slim brick shaped 4-port USB 2.0 hub. Compatible with any USB port. Allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time. Cable length is 15.7cm.

Revere 3-port USB hub with 3-in-1 cable

Revere 3-port USB hub with 3-in-1 cable - Lime
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3-port compact USB 2.0 hub features a detachable charging cable with 2-in-1 integrated adapter that allows you to charge Android or Apple devices. Pointing the 2-in-1 adapter up with the side of no pin on it to charge Apple devices, and the other side of pins on it to charge Android devices. The Type C adapter is stored into a side slot. Insert Type C adapter into the 2-in-1 adapter to charge mobile devices with Type C input.

Cache mouse pad with USB hub

Cache mouse pad with USB hub - White
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The Cache mouse pad with USB hub features a soft mouse pad and USB 2.0 hub with three outputs. The micro USB cable is stored in the left compartment which can also store some accessories like office clips when the cable is out of the compartment for connecting.

Round 4-port USB hub

Round 4-port USB hub - White / Solid Black
Round 4-port USB hub. 4 port round USB hub with input port inserted inside. Packed in a joined bubble bag. Plastic.

Shine 4-in-1 USB desk hub

Shine 4-in-1 USB desk hub
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A 4 port USB 2.0 hub which doubles up as a desk tidy for your pens, scissors and desk accessories. The hub has an integrated cable. To light up the hub, connect it to a power source and press the button. Slide on the bottom is to hold different sizes of phones. Compatible with any USB device. H10 smart light-up USB hub H10 smart light-up USB hub
USB soft touch power hub with rubber finish that allows up to 4 devices to be charged simultaneously. For each 2.1 A port a blue light indicates that the device is being charged, and when fully charged the light turns off. Comes with a gift box with magnetic closure, made out of recycled paper.

Cloud hub

Cloud hub
USB hub with 4 USB 2.0 ports to extend the USB ports of your computer. With integrated cable on the bottom that can be folded out. Registered design®


ABS USB hub - White
ABS USB hub with four ports. Output: 5V-1A. USB version 2.0.


ABS 2.0 USB hub with four colourful ports. Length of the cable: approx. 84 cm.
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