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Bezou light-up key light

Bezou light-up key light
On Sale
Single white LED light with push button power control at the back. Ideal to engrave, as your logo will pop up when pulling out the barrel. Metal split key ring. Batteries included.

Atria COB light with carabiner

Atria COB light with carabiner
On Sale
Ultra bright COB light with on/off power switch providing steady and flashing light modes. Includes magnet on the back, batteries and matching colour carabiner that is not intended for climbing. .

Lech roller clip

Lech roller clip - White
Great for tradeshows and employee badges. Can also be used as a key ring holder.

Cinema LED keychain light

Cinema LED keychain light - Lime
On Sale
Cinema LED keychain light. LED key light reminiscent of retro cinema signs. Includes stickers with 75 letters, numbers and characters to create words and sayings. Split metal key ring. Batteries included. . ABS Plastic.

Striker football keychain

Striker football keychain
Striker football key chain. Stress relievers vary slightly in density, colour, size and weight due to the moulding process which may prevent precise and uniform imprint. Imprint may break up. No half-tones.
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