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Cardboard memo folder

Cardboard memo folder - Black
Cardboad folder with an FSC notepad with 25 lined pages, multiple colours of stikcy notes (25 sheets per colour), and a pen loop with cardboard ballpen, blue ink.

Cardboard writing folder

Cardboard writing folder - Black
Cardboard writing folder with notepad (approx. A4) with 20 lined pages, a cardboard pen with black ink, and adhesive memo notes in 4 colours (25 sheets per colour).

Cardboard writing folder

Cardboard writing folder
Cardboard writing folder, including: notepad with 40 sheets, bamboo ruler (15 cm), cardboard pen with plastic tip, clip and button (blue ink), two pencils, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, post-its (25 sheets per colour), and an interior pocket.

Folder Kelem

Folder Kelem
Ecological folder with double buckle closure in flexible recycled cardboard and comfortable built-in handles. Inside with removable 25-sheet pad with single-stripe layout, 25 large sticky notes, 125 miniature sticky notes, flap pocket and pen holder. 20 Sheets Notepad. 25 Sticky Notes 7,4 x 7,4 cm. 125 Mini Sticky Notes 1,5 x 7,5 cm. Recycled Cardboard Pen Included
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