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Monty 2 metre foldable ruler

Monty 2 metre foldable ruler - White
Double side printed ruler with 200 cm. on one side and 79 inches on the other side. The ruler is divided in several foldable piece.

Economic auto stop - 3m/16mm

Economic auto stop - 3m/16mm
ABS chrome plated case with matt yellow metal tape, ECII and stamped. Black stop button and strap plus stainless steel clip.

Auto stop tape - 3m/16mm

Auto stop tape - 3m/16mm
With wrist strap and belt clip, tape automatically stops and retracts with push on the button, including magnetic hook.

Magnum double tape

Magnum double tape
Magnum is a high quality 5m/19mm measuring tape in double graduation to measure horizontally and vertically and comes with a continuous auto stop to make your work easier. Registered design®
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