Kitchen Tools

Sand Timer Sandy

Sand Timer Sandy - White / Transparent
Plastic, 3 minutes sand timer with matching colour sand and suction cup holder. Customise it with paper insert!

Timer Revey

Timer Revey - White
Egg shaped, plastic, kitchen timer (60 minutes).

Timer Revey

Timer Revey - White
Analogical timer in an original oval design with body in bright and bright tones. Up to 60 minutes time and presented in an attractive design box.

Timer Siapax

Timer Siapax - White
2-minute sand timer clock, especially designed to measure tooth brushing time. With adjustable suction cup. 2 Minutes

Timer Bulix

Timer Bulix - White
Digital timer of minimalist design with white piping and body in cheerful colors. Up to 100 minutes time, with start/stop function and magnetic body for fixing on metal surfaces. Button cell batteries included with protective film and presented in an individual box. Magnetic. Stopwatch Function. Button Battery Included

Wall Clock Timer Tekel

Wall Clock Timer Tekel - Blue
Circular dial analogue wall clock with built-in timer up to one hour. Colorful dial in matching colors with timer controller. Battery power supply: 1x AA not included and presented in an individual box. 1 Battery AA Not Included

Timer Holly

Timer Holly - White
Digital timer in an original oval design with transparent cover and body in bright tones. Up to 100 minutes time and with chronometer function. Battery power supply: 1x AAA not included and presented in an individual box. Stopwatch Function. 1 Battery AAA Not Included

Timer Samin

Timer Samin
5-minute, sand timer clock. Minimalist design in white and blue sand, with suction cup in PVC. 5 Minutes

Toaster Galeox

Toaster Galeox
Toaster by Antonio Miró with an elegant minimalist design in a combination of matt silver and shiny black colors. With toaster functions with 6 power settings, superheated and defrosted. Removable tray for bread crumbs and presented in an elegant individual box with the brand logo. AC 220-240V
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