Vaporizer Jandres

Vaporizer Jandres - White / Red
Original vaporizer for citrus fruits. Pressing the punctured base on the citrus fruit gives access to its inside and pressing the vaporizer removes the liquid.

Juicer Jubex

Juicer Jubex - Orange
125ml capacity manual juicer with transparent body and accessories in bright tones. With transparent safety cover. Presented in an individual box. 125 ml

Juice Bliss mug

Juice Bliss mug
Plastic mug 350 ml with juicer. Half a mo and your favorite juice is ready. Hand wash only.

Verano recycled glass cocktail cup with squeezer

Verano recycled glass cocktail cup with squeezer
550 ml cocktail cup made of recycled glass, including a citrus squeezer and a straw. Made from 1 glass bottle. Recycled glass is manufactured using less energy, raw material, and additives, than what is required for making traditional glass.
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