Constant 10.000 mAh wireless power bank with LED - White

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This 10.000 mAh wireless power back with a LED display will ensure you never run out of power when you’re on the go. It combines a wireless charger with a large capacity power bank. Comes with a convenient LED display. Simply place your smartphone on the wireless charging symbol to start charging. Up to 2 smartphones can also be charged via the USB ports. Only works with phone models that support wireless charging. An external wireless charging receiver or receiver case is required for charging an iPhone model with wireless technology older than the iPhone 8. Supplied in a white Avenue gift box.


ABS Plastic
10000mAh mAh
Country Of Origin:
Tariff Number:
75.00 mm
12.00 mm
152.00 mm
Netto Weight:
240.00 g
Carton Width:
35.00 cm
Carton Height:
22.00 cm
Carton Length:
28.00 cm
Carton Gross Weight:
10.00 kg
Carton Netto Weight:
9.50 kg
Carton Items:
40 pcs
Individual gift box
Battery Type:
Batteries Count:
1 pcs
Batteries Included:


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