Car Air Fresheners

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Air Freshener Pranger

Air Freshener Pranger - Ocean
Original lamp design freshener. In a 40ml jar and available in ocean, lemon and strawberry scents. 40 ml

Air Freshener Holder Rafum

Air Freshener Holder Rafum - White
Folding holder for smartphone with fixing system for car ventilation grille and built-in lemon scent air freshener. Smooth white finish and especially designed for pad printing. Lemon Aroma. Sticky Surface

Air Freshener Telox

Air Freshener Telox - White
Ocean scent freshener. In 5ml glass jar with wooden stopper, matching color string and wood fitting accessory. Presented in a PVC individual box. 5 ml. Ocean Aroma

Air Freshener Scrib

Air Freshener Scrib - White
Lemon scent air freshener for automobile grid. With body in fun colors and special die cut for doming logo. Lemon Aroma

Air Freshener Becrux

Air Freshener Becrux - Silver
Dashboard air freshener in an elegant design. With slide front in granulated aluminum and a resistant backside holder for grill. Perfume balls lemon scented and available in silver and black color finisings. Lemon Aroma

Car Air Fresher CreaScent

Car Air Fresher CreaScent - Multicolour
Car air freshener with custom fragrance (exotic, fresh, green apple, lemon, new car, ocean, peach, strawberry, vanilla). With full colour printing on both sides. MOQ: 250 pcs.

Car vent air refresher

Car vent air refresher - Silver
Free Samples
Car air refresher. Simply place it on the air vent and the car smells fresh again. Comes with an extra re-fill and can be refilled with other freely available re-fills.
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