Soccer ball

Soccer ball
Soccer ball in PVC material. Fits official size 5.

Football Delko

Football Delko - White
PU leather and PVC football, size 5. Delivered deflated.

Antistress Ball Kasac

Antistress Ball Kasac - White
Original bouncing anti-stress ball in bright tones and soft body with shiny PU padding.

Antistress Ball Lasap

Antistress Ball Lasap - White
Anti-stress ball in a wide range of bright tones and soft body with glossy PU padding.

Keyring Anticontact Cimak

Keyring Anticontact Cimak - Silver
Hygienic anti-contact key ring with integrated pen and pointer. Made of durable ABS with a metallic finish and available in a wide range of colors. Specially designed to avoid touching common surfaces with your hands (door handles, switches, public taps, ATMs...). With a comfortable finger die cut and presented in an individual design bag. Recommended for pad printing. Stylus Touch Ball Pen Included
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